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Taking its inspiration from local heroes like Government Issue, Scream and Ignition... Enter Indian Summers, the latest English import to make its American debut on Masterpiece on PBS. Opening in 1932, when the British still controlled the populous nation of India, the series unfolds during the sweltering summer months when the then-ruling classes made the move from... Some claim that an Indian summer cannot come until after the first damaging frost of autumn, or after a severely cold episode sometimes known as Shakespeare also used the expression "All Halloween Summer" in Henry IV part I for a period of warm sunshine as October gives way to November. An Indian summer is typically caused by a sharp shift in the jet stream from the south to the north.

Your support in this time helps us to... Epic drama set in the 1930s as India dreams of independence but the British cling to power. Jud's interpretation of 'Indian Summer' is consistent with stories and lore passed down in my family through generations. Probably, there were variations of the incidence of 'Indian Summer' after a 'hard frost' from late September through the end of November, though origins rely on St.