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His education was begun by tutors at home in the great family mansion in the town of Spask... Ivan Turgenev, then aged 40, wrote these words in a letter to his friend Countess Lambert on 24 June 1859 In fact, the day Turgenev wrote his letter was the day of the Battle of Solferino, an international military conflict that marked an end to an era in which armies were led personally by their monarchs. Ivan Turgenev - Ivan Turgenev - First novels: Although Turgenev wrote "Mumu," a remarkable exposure of the cruelties of serfdom, while detained in St. Petersburg, his work was evolving toward such extended character studies as Yakov Pasynkov (1855) and the subtle if pessimistic... — Ivan Turgenev, from "The Diary of a Superfluous Man" (1850), March 31, 18- translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett (1894).

Gustave Flaubert considered him "a master." "The more I study you, the more your skill leaves me gaping," he wrote the slightly older novelist in 1863. William Dean Howells wrote in 1895 that life "showed itself to me in... by Ivan Turgenev.