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He was granted an estate on the island of Hven and the funding to build the Uraniborg, an early research institute, where he built large astronomical instruments and... Tycho Brahe, born Tyge Ottesen Brahe (14 December 1546 - 24 October 1601), was a Danish nobleman known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations. Coming from Scania, then part of Denmark, now part of modern-day Sweden, Brahe was well known in his... ...

The tradition to assign this name (novae) to such objects was established back in the sixteenth century by Tycho Ottesen Brahe (1546 -1601; Moesgaard, 2014) in his work titled -Concerning the new and previously unseen star‖ (our English translation of the Latin original) about the famous object SN... Editorial Department. Bjarne Stevne Nielsen. An outstanding and influential sixteenth-century astronomer, Tycho Brahe is esteemed mostly for his comprehensive study of the visible planets and stars which announced the era of modern, scientific astronomy.