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The main villains in this storyline are called the Corvidae, who can appear to look like ordinary crows but, they can shape shift their appearance so that they can look like humans. It's because of the Corvidae, Wonder... Conan prosigue en su camino por las extrañas tierras de Aquilonia, cuando se encuentra de manera fortuita con Wonder Woman, que ha olvidado su nombre y su pasado, y la mantienen esclavizada para entretener al pueblo en una especie de arena de gladiadores. DC and Dark Horse Comics' Wonder Woman/Conan crossover continues this coming Wednesday with the release of the fourth issue; check out a preview here… Our heroes have escaped the Corvidae, but if they want to save new friends from the witches' wrath, they'll have to work together. Wonder Woman - Agent of Peace (2020).

It was an Intercompany Crossover, published jointly by DC (who own Wonder Woman) and Dark Horse Comics (who owned the license to Conan at the time). Wonder Woman/Conan #1.